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Fri, Jun 25, 2010 


Conservation group vows to appeal DNS

Access and tree retention were the two main areas of community concern that came out of a meeting on the proposed Point Roberts Beach Club project.

County council to buck up

Whatcom County Council has approved $50,000 in funding for local fire chief Nick Kiniski to become a paramedic.

Water rates: Mostly good news with a titch of bad

Commercial water users should mostly see good news with the revised rate structure recently adopted by Point Roberts water commissioners.

Deputy Slick returns to the Point

When deputy Glen Slick was first posted to Point Roberts he was “the new guy” with only two years on patrol with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

A cool $14,000 awarded to scholars

Smiles and applause greeted the students at the 10th annual Award’s Night on June 4.

Garden, open market to start

Volunteers have broken ground on a community center garden that will be used to teach as well as to feed garden project participants.

Around The Point

Around the Point

Garage sale exceeded all hopes

The Point Roberts primary school garage sale hit records all around this year.

Brewster’s: The Phoenix rises

Joan Roberts is reinventing her business again, this time in response to new visa requirements at the border that severely limited her ability to staff.

Take a walk at the Lily Point reserve

Friends of Lily Point and the county parks department are inviting the community and visitors to celebrate the recent growth of the Lily Point Marine reserve with a day of guided tours and independent explorations.

Longoria officially appointed

Acting port director Omar Longoria has been officially appointed to the job. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Longoria’s appointment to the Point Roberts port of entry’s top job effective May 25.

Presenting... The 2010 Point Roberts High School Graduates

2010 Point Roberts High School Graduates

Will Meire on display at the marina

Will Meire will be sharing his work with the community during three long weekend shows throughout the summer and early fall.

Council to feds: End this madness

Whatcom County Council is sending a letter to federal legislators and bureaucrats asking them to act quickly and modify work visa rules to protect local jobs and businesses.

Going for zero waste on the Point

David Gellatly may be in the trash business now, but he wants to see less of it.

Thu, Jun 17, 2010 


County staff, P R Beach Club developers meet with community

County staff and developers seek to address community concerns over Lily Point development...

B.C. residents gain exemption from Washington state sales tax

In a move that local officials describe as a huge hit to tax revenue, B.C. residents will become exempt to sales tax on certain goods.

The funny season is about to begin

With the filing deadline past, the lineup of people running for office is complete.

Open air market, vegetable garden to debut at community center

Parks commissioners improved the construction of raised beds and an open air market on the community center property on Gulf Road.

Thu, Jun 10, 2010 


Council antes up for paramedic training

It costs a lot of money to become a paramedic these days as a recent council vote demonstrates...

County council asks feds to get a move on

Newly imposed working visa rules are hampering Point Roberts businesses' ability to meet summer demand...

Thu, Jun 3, 2010 


Point Roberts Beach Club hearing delayed

Names dropped off a mailing list lead to hearing postponement

PTO garage sale an overwhelming success

Mountains of donations, hordes of shoppers...

Longoria top dog at the port

Point Roberts port director Omar Longoria is on the job. Officially, that is.

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