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Fri, Dec 21, 2012 


Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws

Now that my first year in office is nearly completed, I can tell you that it has been a challenging, busy and rewarding year.

Point Roberts Primary Winter Pageant

Whatcom County Council Barbara Brenner

I wish I could tell you that things are better but they aren't.

Ha-Ha Cup

The funniest person in Point Roberts?

Icelandic Christmas Craft Faire

Point Roberts Historical Society

The Point Roberts Historical Society experienced a busy and productive year.

Point Roberts Hospital District

This year, the Point Roberts Public Hospital District said goodbye to Ed and Virginia Lester.

Blaine School District

As the 2012 calendar year comes to a close, there is much to reflect upon specific to both accomplishment and opportunity for the staff and students of the Blaine School District.

Marketing blitz to include Point

A marketing program using lodging tax dollars to promote the Mt. Baker Foothills and Birch Bay areas will be expanding to include Point Roberts and Lummi Island in 2013.

Thu, Dec 13, 2012 


Parks board approves 2013 budget

Parks commissioners have approved a $95,000 budget for 2013, over a third of which is earmarked for repairs and improvements to the Gulf Road community center, but that won't include the big-ticket items: a leaking roof and soggy foundation.

Thu, Dec 6, 2012 


County marketing project includes Point Roberts

A marketing program using lodging tax dollars to promote the Mt. Baker Foothills and Birch Bay areas will be expanding to include Point Roberts and Lummi Island in 2013.

Fri, Nov 30, 2012 


Shopping: Taking it to the streets

The annual Christmas craft fair at the community center this weekend is a perfect kickoff for local holiday shopping\.

A great time at the Church Bazaar

Craig Jacks, Perla Glanzer and Dan Robbins gave the audience at the Trinity Lutheran Church Bazaar a tour of the old country with a multicultural performance of traditional European music.

Safe Streets given priority by PRCAC

Two members short of a full slate, the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) unanimously endorsed a motion by Arthur Reber to form a new committee to pursue streetscape planning on the Point.

Fire district holds the line on tax increase

Fire district commissioners agreed to not take a one-percent increase in the tax levy as allowed by Washington state.

Where, oh, where is the tower?

Verizon Wireless' public relations manager for the Northwest region remains confident construction is just around the corner, despite permitting jams and continuing design changes.

Garden Club beautifies Tyee Drive

Scott Hackleman giving a hand to the Garden Clubâs Tyee Drive project.

Now we're talking real money

On November 30, the Friends of the Point Roberts Library came to the end of its two-month Point Roberts Marketplace receipts gathering.

People of the Point

"What? You've never met Arthur Reber?"

Repair and replace, board says

Point Roberts parks district commissioners are set to approve a budget focused on preserving parks facilities, specifically the aging community center on Gulf Road.

Wackie Walkers celebrate 10 years

On October 30, the Wacky Walkers had local students do the Wacky Walker chant and then presented them with a flag and Halloween goodie bags.

Craft Fair recalls Icelandic past

The Point Roberts Artisans Guild is celebrating the community's Icelandic pioneer heritage this year with an Icelandic theme at their tenth annual Christmas craft fair.

The Reef brings on new chef

Walking back to the kitchen at the Kiniskiâs Reef Tavern you pass by raw framing, an unfinished storage room, dusty boxes, a motorcycle, bits of old decorations, what might be part of a parade float - and then you pop into Chef Alex Furnoâs island of order.

Rising tide on marina sewer rates

Once a rate survey currently underway is completed, users of the marina sewer system can expect their bills to go up.

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