Rosemary adds a dramatic aspect to the garden.



Fri, Oct 26, 2012 


Cooking with winter vegetables

I suspect every gardener heaves a little sigh of relief around this time of year as the last of the gardening tools are hung up in the shed for the winter.

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Changing seasons

As the season is about to change, I am reminded that gardens are living, ever-changing entities.

2014 garden tour review

"Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for."

Garden Tour 2014

Ah, summer, and the joy of getting out into the garden.

Roses on the Point

It's June, and the subject is roses.

Roses on the Point

It's June, and the subject is roses.

Incorporating nonliving elements in your garden

Perhaps it's because of the stonewalled gardens of my childhood in Wales, or the windowed garden shed I fled to during those sudden Anglesey rains or watching the Polish stoneworkers construct dry-stack terraces in my Brooklyn garden.

Spring is in the air

With spring in the air, this is the time of year I like to get out and do some garden exploring to see what perennials are coming up.

A cottage walkway

My cottage needs a front walkway, and I foresee a curving path of irregularly shaped slate pavers flanked by some lush ground cover, interspersed with tiny seasonal bulbs and English daisies.

Spring's just around the corner

Ah, spring! Well, almost.

Planning for spring

Gardening in winter is not for the timid.

Dear Santa

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gardening gifts you left under the tree last year.

In the garden

Cheery crocus in the yard is a classic sign of spring, but imagine a clump of orchids in your rock garden in the middle of March.


It happens every six to 11 years.

Beat the heat

Those hot lethargic days of late summer are here: the hanging baskets and pots of colorful annuals are looking like they stayed out way too late at the weekend beach party.

A colorful cottage garden

It should be a colorful summer in my cottage garden this year - the shabby old rose garden is gone and replanted with healthy, freely-flowering hydrangeas.

Weeds, weeds, weeds ...

Weeds, weeds, weeds ... it is difficult to keep up at this time of year.

In the Garden

As the ground begins to warm up and blossoms are everywhere, the Point starts to buzz again with arrival of cottagers and the opening up of their summer Shangri-las.

In the Garden

Right now in my cottage garden, food is still growing in the veggie patch.

Winter gardening

Recently, a Garden Club member asked for advice on winter vegetable gardening.

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa: You know that I enjoy unwrapping gifts beneath the tree, but this year I have an unusual request.